it is Shell Rotella T1 straight grade heavy duty diesel oil SAE 30. so would it be considered non detergent. the oil im running does not say detergent anywhere. Shell Rotella? T1 Energized ProtectionTM oils use well-proven performance additives to fight engine wear and prevent deposits, providing reliable lubrication and consistent. 2.6 oz. Carl Griffiths Former Founder Fellow of Inst of Diag. DuraMAX Liquid Armor Non-Detergent 30; DuraMAX Liquid Armor Non-Detergent 40; DuraMAX Multi-Vehicle ATF; . Using multi viscosity can 'substantially' increase oil consumption and I can attest to that. 1. Mario Klondike Lubricants. Posts: 719. Mercury/Quicksilver 25W-40, NMMA FC-W-rated 4-cycle MerCruiser oil. For my part my 1952 Farmall Super M is running mostly 10-30 detergent oil now. Oil undergoes several cycles of temperature under use, and additives help stabilize performance. Detailed Description. SPECS. . Not recommended for high-speed engines. The Traveller Heavy Duty SAE 40 is SL rated and not recommended for diesel. As I understand it, non-detergent oil has slightly higher extreme-pressure capabilities than detergent oil does. Shell Rotella T1 oils are suitable for use in many turbo and non-turbocharged light/medium-duty diesel-powered trucks and transport operations, including city operations and long-distance service. That's where people need to be careful.The Briggs and Stratton SAE 30 has detergents and dispersants in it. MTD Genuine Parts.

Joined: Jun 2009. Shell Rotella T straight 30W oil. Whilst future production will conform to Shell's specification, variations in these characteristics may occur. 2.

4 Material Safety Data Sheet Effective Date 02/05/2014 According to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910 Shell Spirax S6 Gilco Lubricants Description Chevron RPM Gear Oils are straight mineral gear oils Shell Morlina Oil SD 150 is intended for use in enclosed bath, splash, and circulating systems and non-anti-wear hydraulic and . ThePartsGuy. sae 30 non detergent oil 1-48 of 102 results for "sae 30 non detergent oil" RESULTS Valvoline Daily Protection Non-Detergent SAE 30 Conventional Motor Oil 1 QT, Case of 6 (Packaging May Vary) 246 $2757 ($0.14/Fl Oz)$34.14 Save more with Subscribe & Save Get it as soon as Fri, Jun 10 FREE Shipping by Amazon For the cost, I would buy the proper oil rather than using what you have hanging around the shop. FEATURES. For technical questions, contact our Technical Help Desk at 1-(800) BEST-OIL or (800) 237-8645 Option 3, 1; or with complete Year/Make/Model information for a recommendation. If that rating is shown as SA, or isn't shown at all, this is non-detergent oil.

Our product offering includes all types of farm supplies, clothing, housewares, tools, fencing, and more. Never been an issue. I thought for the initial run, it was supposed to be straight weight non detergent oil. While not the best for gas engines, Diesel intended lubricating oil is just fine.

Shell Rotella T1 Straight Grade is offered in the following viscosities: SAE 10W since I took ownership of my truck in 2009. Finally, modern oils have more friction modifiers to increase fuel efficiency, which can lead to reduced . Engineers Author has 5K answers and 4.1M answer views 2 y Related I accidentally put 30W non-detergent oil in my motorcycle. Service Pro Synthetic Blend Motor Oil SAE 10W-30; Shell; Shell Rotella T1 10W; Shell Rotella T1 30; Shell Rotella T1 40; Shell Rotella T1 50; Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15w40; Shell Rotella is a line of heavy-duty engine lubrication products produced by Royal Dutch Shell.The line includes engine oils, gear oils and coolants.

We make finding a sae 30 non detergent motor oil fast and simple every time! The oil carries both the American Petroleum Institute (API) diesel "C" rating as well as the API gasoline engine "S" rating. ZDDP is added to oil to coat and protect high-wear surfaces, like the solid-lifter valve trains featured in many classic cars. Rotella T Engine Oil SAE 30 MSDS# 60130E Version 16.0 Effective Date 07/07/2008 Material Safety Data Sheet According to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200 . Price Not Available. . Hydraulic and transmissions Shell Rotella T1 oils can be used in certain transmission and mobile hydraulic systems where the equipment Typical Properties of Shell Cyprina Grease RA Test Method Product Code 71005 Appearance Amber, Buttery Base Oil Viscosity: @ 40C, cSt @ 100C, cSt D 445 D 445 93 10 Shell Gadus S2 V100: Shell Autoplex Grease: Shell Gadus S3 V220C: Shell Calithia Grease AM2: Shell Gadus S2 V220AD 2: Shell Calithia Grease T: Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2: Shell . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rotella 550045380 T1 30 Cf/CF-2 Motor Oil 1 Gallon at the best online prices at eBay! Michigan. Is Shell Rotella T1 SAE 30 a non-detergent oil? '67 CL77 (337, X-ed gears) '65/'69 CB160. Shell Rotella T1 oils can provide dependable lubrication for small-to-medium-powered agricultural equipment, such as tractors. F. Oil Composition.

Most of these engines did not have a CCV system and the . 30 wt Red Line Race Oil synthetic = 96,470 psi zinc = 2207 ppm phos = 2052 ppm ZDDP = 2100 ppm NOTE: This oil is suitable for short term racing use only, and is not suitable for street use. Shell LubeAnalyst draws on 30 years of oil condition monitoring experience to help maximize equipment life and reduce maintenance costs by detecting lubricant condition before major issues occur and recommending potential oil drain interval extensions 1300 255 677 MSDS Forms at your fingertips Nayara Energy and Shell Lubricants ink strategic . HOWEVER, on all the cars, I have had the oil pans down and have cleaned the oil pump screens, and am reasonably satisfied that there is no significant accumulation of . Keeps the engine clean by minimizing deposit formation, reducing oil consumption by fighting volatility & oil evaporation, resists oil thickening by providing enhanced oxidation control provide thorough anti-wear protection exceeding current U.S., Japanese & European wear tests for gasoline & gasoline turbo-charged engines where each grade is specified

SAE Grade Viscosity, mm2/s AT (40C | 100) Shell Alexia 40: 0.1% sulphur and 0.5% sulphur fuel: 40: 50 . Availability: # 16273 Product Overview Specifications SAE 30W Heavy-Duty Engine Oil Do not let any one convince you to try anything else. Shell Rotella is a good one. Use 10W-30 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil in small engines found in (not limited to) mowers (zero-turn, riding, stand-on, push), generators, power washers and other equipment that requires SAE 10W-40 or 15W-40 motor oil, including those made by Kubota, Kawasaki, Robin, Onan, Linamar, Craftsman, Honda, Briggs and Stratton and Vanguard. Posted September 11, 2021 (edited) Kohler specifically states to use a high quality detergent motor oil in their K-series. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. May 18, 2014. doitmyself Joined Jun 3, 2002 Messages Shell Rotella T1 oils are suitable for use in many turbo- and non-turbocharged light/medium duty diesel-powered trucks and transport operations, including city operations and long-distance service. Shell Rotella T1 50 | Delo 400 SAE 50 | Cat DEO | Monograde SAE 50 | Delvac 1650 | GP50 SAE 15w-40 CJ-4 HD 15W40 CJ-4 Cross Reference: Shell Rotella T | Mobil Delvac 1300 SUPER | Chevron Delo 400 LE | CAT DEO-ULSTM 15w40 SEMI-SYNTHETIC .

As you see from the API ratings they carry the SAE 15W-40 and straight grade SAE 30 and not the straight grade 40 you are seeking. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Just be sure to use what the manufacturer suggests, or you will stand a chance of failure and voided warranty. for pricing and availability.

Non-detergent; Full Synthetic; Other; Gear Oil; Small Engine; Grease; Transmission Fluids; . older diesel fuels used to have a lot more sulfur and the oils for the engines had a high TBN or ability to neutralize the acids formed. 15W40 "NEW" SHELL ROTELLA T Diesel Oil conventional, API CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CH-4, CF-4,CF/SM = 72,022 psi zinc = 1454 ppm phos = 1062 ppm Tractor Hydraulic Fluid : Download: MP Tractor Hydraulic & Trans JD 20 : Download : GREASES : Universal Lithium EP # 2 Grease: Download . You might want to ask for more information on this high-detergent vs non-detergent thing during breakin. 15w-40 is Rotella T, which is for diesel engines. 32 oz. SKU # 811764. check if this fits your vehicle. Rotella oils, like the T3 15W-40, meet both the API CJ-4 and SM specifications, and may . .

2-cycle Engines Synthetic Blend Engine Oil. Product name : Shell Rotella T1 30 Product code : 001D5428 Manufacturer or supplier's details Manufacturer/Supplier : Shell Oil Products US P.O. since I took ownership of my truck in 2009. These characteristics are typical of current production.

Shell Rotella DD+ 40: Heavy-duty, diesel two-stroke engine oil: 40: 138 | 14.4: 8: @bertsmobile1 SAE 30 comes in both detergent and non-detergent. Buy It Now

Will it hurt the motor?

Properties Method Shell ROTELLA T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 Kinematic Viscosity @400C mm2/s ASTM D445 118 Kinematic Viscosity @1000C mm2/s ASTM D445 15 Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 133 These characteristics are typical of current production. Share this post. HD-30W.

Performance, Features & Benefits Base Oils / Additives Shell Canada We offer the full line of Phillips 66 lubricants Shell offers a complete range of lubricating oils for marine engines burning gas, heavy fuel, gas oil or liquid biofuel NAPA Hydraulic Jack Oil Gallon (765-1542) Napa R&O Hydraulic Oil (85-105) Oil for Diesel Engines: Mobil Delvac 1300 15w40 Oil NAPA Hydraulic Jack Oil Gallon (765 . Non - Detergent SAE 30 Lubricating Oil 946ml Bottle KL-IO5840. Quantity Add to Cart Ships via ground service. "Shell Rotella-T Multigrade SAE 15W-40 is Shell's highest quality mixed-fleet heavy-duty engine oil.

Specifications Brand Shell ROTELLA Assembled Product Weight 13.5 lbs Motor Oil Viscosity SAE - 30 Manufacturer Part Number 550045380 Model 550045380 Manufacturer PENNZOIL QUAKER STATE COMPANY Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.75 x 8.56 x 8.56 Inches Report incorrect product information Earn 5% cash back on Learn how Rotella T probably is a high detergent oil - many or most diesel oils are.

Chevron Marine Engine Oil Symbol 9250 can be used in any engine where MIL-L-9000H Symbol 9250 oil is required Shell Spirax S3 AD 80w90 World : Energica and Total Lubrifiants have signed a global partnership Lubricant metering devices Synonyms: Chevron Supreme Motor Oil SAE 10W-40, Chevron Supreme Motor Oil SAE 20W-50, Chevron Supreme Motor Oil SAE 30, Chevron . Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up. Expected to be practically non toxic: LL/EL/IL50 > 100 mg/l (to aquatic organisms) (LL/EL50 expressed as the . Model # 490-000-M047. Whilst future production will conform to Shell's specification, variations in these characteristics may occur. 4.

Shell Rotella T1 is suitable for use in mobile hydraulic and transmission systems, as well as for stop-start conditions in construction, mining, or quarry operations, protecting against bearing wear and deposit formation.